Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Winter Stillness"

"Winter Stillness", 18 x 24 watercolor painting

My first watercolor of 2010 is an extension of the work I have been doing, inspired by my visits to the bird sanctuary. I had recently posted the winter encaustic paintings done for this series, but I also felt the need to paint winter in the watercolor medium. I was able to get lost in the process working on this, trying to re-create a cold stark landscape, and it's bare serenity. The linear weave of the branches combined with their stiffness, painted in the subtle stark colors of the season, is how I wanted to convey the mood. I used the same tones with the encaustics, but for me watercolor is still a medium that allows me to get lost in the "zone". I believe the truest form of creative expression is when you loose track of time and are consumed with the paint and the brushstrokes and nothing else matters. That happened for me today when I was able to finish working on this painting.

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  1. Robin, this is beautifully done. You definitely captured the cold feel of the scene. I feel like I need to go get my coat.