Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter at the Pond

It wasn't a sunny day but the gray sky added to the rawness of yesterday's walk through Sanctuary Pond. I finally had the time to focus on the winter season and the series of encaustic paintings I am doing that reflect a year of seasonal color and moods in a New England landscape.

I took pictures yesterday and although I missed the fresh snow that fell a week ago, in the bird sanctuary many of the tree branches remained covered. I will print out a few of the photos and decide which of those would work well as image transfers. I have had an 8 x 8 elephant board fused with wax medium and it's ready for the image to be burnished into it. Hopefully I will work on that today.


  1. Lovely shots, Robin. However, now I'm having trouble typing because I'm shivering. Brrrr. I've been in the desert too long. I'm spoiled to warmer weather, but it's nice to enjoy cold scenes like this vicariously thru my friends. Have fun creating today! -Don

  2. Beautiful scenes! These should translate into great encautics - all thise lovely branches and rocks to play with!

  3. I just love wintry scenes like this. I can only imagine what wonderful works they will inspire for you.