Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Calm before the Storm

Low tide at King's Beach, Swampscott

I live on the north shore of Boston and it's not too often we have to worry about hurricanes. We get terrible winter storms known as "Nor'easters" and often times that brings in high winds with heavy snow fall; us hearty New Englanders are used to that! It seems like the media is making such a big deal out of the potential for this hurricane to cause damage and I will do whatever is recommend as we get closer to the late Friday arrival of the storm.

In the meantime, I just took a walk along the local beach and it truly does seem peaceful and calm. Most of the sailboats are still in the harbor and it will be curious to me if people start taking their boats out of the harbor in the next day or two. We have had daily rip tide warnings this week and even beach closings due to the under-tow and dangerous currents. It's hard to believe all this is happening when the water looks so peaceful right now. Maybe this will become the inspiration for my next artwork.


  1. Beautiful photos. Sometimes I wonder if the weather folks don't boost the anxiety level a bit to get higher viewership. But I guess that's my cynical self. Regardless, I hope everyone remains safe. You New Englanders are a hearty stock!

  2. Pam, the local news tonight continued to make it sound like Earl is going to cause some serious havoc! I am planning on taking photos again tomorrow when I walk my dog to see the change in the tide. Mother Nature is amazing to me.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos, Robin. Stay safe!