Sunday, September 5, 2010

1 day later

I find it pretty amazing that with all of our modern technologies these days, the weather aka Mother Nature, continues to stump and mislead us. I had thought I was going to be spending the weekend with a flooded garage but instead I am able to enjoy the wind, the sun, and the crisp air. Many of the boat owners ignored the warnings and as you can see the little harbor in my town is still pretty full.

Swampscott Harbor

King's Beach, just down the road

I am grateful the weekend has been a perfect ending to summer and I am now ready to switch gears and focus on the fall, the classes I will be teaching, and finalizing my body of work for my upcoming show over Columbus Day weekend. My new website is up and running although I have to wait until Wednesday for the domain name to be released from the current web host and then I can officially import it into my new web host. I had no idea how involved this process was going to be and am grateful I have learned so much about technology and "behind the scenes" details that go along with web design. I have an ad running in the Paradise City magazine that will be mailed out next weekend and it looks like my switch will be completed before the magazines are received, that was my main objective in the timing of all these changes.

My new website continues to be updated, tweaked, and improved - Fine Art by Robin

There is a local show every Labor Day weekend, 12 Hours of Art on Marblehead Neck, and I plan on checking it out later today. I participated several years ago, that was an "almost" hurricane weekend too, and it was also the official end to my Labor Day show participations! I am so glad the weather is picture perfect for these artists today.


  1. I'm so glad the weather didn't turn out to be as bad as predicted. Whew!
    It sure sounds like you have a very busy fall coming up. Congratulations on the successful timing of your website and transition.
    It's marvelous!
    And best wishes for your upcoming show. You are one busy woman.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I actually feel like my job as a "professional artist" means I have to keep busy finding opportunities to make art, teach art, and sell art, so for me, the things I blog about ... all the things I am doing ... is kind of the same as sharing my job description. Thanks for the encouragement, it's always appreciated.

  3. You need to quit slacking off and get busy. :-) Just kidding...

    Congrats on all the fun stuff you have going on. I'm glad you ended up with a perfect weekend to end your summer with.

    Happy Creating!


  4. I am still awed by the beauty that surrounds you. So glad you didn't have to deal with hurricane fallout. We're sure getting some high winds here this morning!

  5. Don, I am craving down time where all I have in front of me is a new painting waiting to happen. The past month has been so busy with non art related things, it really will be "happy creating" time for me once I get started.

    Autumn, the Northeast coast really is a beautiful part of the country. I am originally from the Chicago area so having these incredibly scenic rocky beaches and intense coastal storms has become a normal part of life. Hope your winds have died down... actually I think you are getting rain right now!

  6. This is fantastic photography! i love it!

  7. Hi Farah,
    So glad you enjoyed seeing my town photos. I spent a lot of time waiting for that storm that never really happened and it was fun sharing images of the rocky beaches here.