Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Art Show

Evolutions '10

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful 'perfect day to be outdoors' kind of day and I stopped by an outdoor art show where I knew a few of the exhibitors (plus the person who co-ordinates the show, Dick Buckley, is a friend). There were about a dozen different tents with a variety of mediums from paintings to sculpture, calligraphy to encaustics. The show has grown in size since it began nine years ago, attracting more artists as well as patrons, with the more recent addition of performing artists throughout each day of the show. There is a laid back setting which both exhibiting artists and visiting patrons are able to enjoy.

One of my favorite exhibitors was Sara Ashodian, a mixed media/found objects/encaustic artist that has a gift of creating art out of just about anything! Here she is standing next to one of her newest works, a torched tea ball with chains.

My other favorite artist was Michiko Imai, a calligrapher and painter. She told me she did all the assembling of the actual artwork; creating then mounting her work on the scrolls she made, to even creating her own chops (the seal that represents an artist's signature on their work). I am going to see if I can take one of her workshops because the brushstrokes used in calligraphy compliment the watercolor techniques I continue to study and try to master.

I feel so fortunate that I live in a part of the country where there are so many opportunities for artists to share their work and passion and where patrons respond by supporting and attending events like this.


  1. I love art shows. To be quite honest, I haven't always found too many of the artists friendly, oddly enough. Some are wonderful, but many are quite remote and standoffish! Rather unsettling for one such as myself! LOL If I ever had the nerve to participate in one, I'd probably talk the ears off of anyone who stopped by to visit! LOLOL

  2. Autumn, that is sad to hear because one of the big reasons artist's are required to be at many of these shows is so they can talk to patrons, answer questions, and explain their art process. It's a wonderful opportunity for artists and patrons to meet, too bad you can't make it to the show I am doing over Columbus Day weekend, it's wonderful that way.

  3. This looks like a very pleasant setting for a show.

    hey AutumnLeaves - it's a shame you've encountered unfriendly artists. I love chatting to folks who come into my booth, whether or not they are buying anything. You never know who you're gonna meet... we artists should be kind to everyone!