Saturday, November 13, 2010

And so it goes...

I continue to prepare panels, collect transfer images from my photos, and make notes for the demo I am going to be presenting on Tuesday night at the Swampscott Arts Association. I have spent most of my energy during this past year and a half learning how to transfer images into wax medium, then add layers of colored wax to create dimensionality within the transfer, and I feel confident that I can share my process stress-free. Preparing for the demo has made me more aware of all the different ways other artists are using encaustic that are different from what I am doing. It's overwhelming!

This past June I had purchased several DVD's at the encaustic conference I attended and finally I made the time to watch one of them this week. I highly recommend Daniella Woolf's DVD, "Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility" and a visit to her websiteDaniella demonstrates so many different techniques in such an easy to understand way.

I have already prepared several panels with wax medium (above) and at the demo I will have enough of a ground to proceed comfortably into the image transfer. After watching Daniella's DVD I decided to add colored wax before I transfer one of my images although I have never done this before and I may try and work on this in the morning rather than try something new for the first time with an audience watching. I am thinking about drawing the image with colored pencil and transferring it as a drawing rather than a photograph...

Ready, Set, Go!

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