Friday, November 12, 2010

Performance Art

Last night I went to a reception that was absolutely fabulous! I taught several workshops at Express Yourself last month and was thrilled when I was invited to attend this event. Artist Nancy Ostrovsky painted to the rhythms and beat of Stan Stickland and his drummers while we all watched her transform a blank canvas into an energized painting. Last year the Express Yourself organization performed for the president as they were awarded and recognized nationally for the work they do with disadvantaged youths.


  1. Sounds like great fun. Pity there's no audio on that slideshow. Quite a noise I bet! I've heard of a canvas being described as tight as a drum, but I've not thought of playing it with a paintbrush... until now.

  2. You know Mark, I felt torn about video taping during the performance - I used my iphone for these photos and if I had switched to video it would have been difficult to be as considerate to all the people watching around me (plus it would have been a longer clip). Then I thought about adding a drumming soundtrack to my brief slide show but I was concerned about copyright issues so I just left it the way it is, Live and Learn.

  3. Glorious! What freedom.