Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eucalyptus, encaustic collage

Had to add more details to my collage! Working with organic material felt a lot like arranging flowers in a vase. I had fun building depth by layering leaves.

I have several other projects happening, some are still in progress, some are complete, all are encaustics, soon to be shared.


  1. Yes- you've added more depth. Very pretty.

  2. I love this, Robin! The composition and colors give it a very zen feel. Who would have thunk that the background started out as a 'failure'? It makes a lovely backdrop for the leaves.

    How would you package this to take to a show? It looks like the leaves would be easily damaged.

  3. This is pretty cool. I wonder how brittle the leaves are? I did something with epoxy resin using leaves a bit like this but they went brown and yukky quite quickly.

  4. Pam, this week I sidetracked into some collages and I am not sure I wanted to create "pretty" as much as I wanted to create different, and layers.

    Zen is definitely one of my motivating factors, Deborah, glad you sensed it too.

    Mark, when I dip the leaves in the encaustic medium it becomes encased in the wax and that preserves whatever is being dipped. I will be curious to see if anything in the collage changes but the leaves are almost pliable even though they are completely covered in wax.