Tuesday, November 23, 2010

W.orld W.ide W.eb - the endless possibilities

The past few days I have been focusing on taking advantage of different tools available on the internet that allow me to share, promote, and sell my artwork. I have been overwhelmed by the unlimited resources and although I have maintained a personal website (www.fineartbyrobin.com) for over ten years, I decided there was more I could be doing to become more visible on the web. As we enter another holiday season, I will be curious to see if joining various websites will actually make a difference in my art sales although either way I know being visible on the internet is always a good thing.

I decided to include links to these new websites on my blog and you can see them on the right side column. My first new addition was joining the Encaustic Art website where I hope to both share and learn from other encaustic artists. I never would have found this site if it weren't for my newest follower, Wax Beach Artist, and my ability to find her blog which lead me to this site. The next addition happened over the weekend when I had a friend request on facebook from someone local in my town who created, manages, and promotes the greenlifesavor website and she asked me if I would be interested in sharing my artwork on her website. Then yesterday I decided to join the fineartamerica website, mainly because I had heard from my friend and fellow blogger Deborah that the site allowed for artists to offer for sale both prints and note cards of their work and that they actually created everything for the artist, assuming the artist wanted to offer that service to their patrons.

There is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for us to tap into, all just a keyboard and computer monitor away. I have recently been educated and inspired by Katharine Cartwright's blog and Joanne Mattera's blog and continue to learn from these wonderfully insightful and experienced teachers.

Now that the watercolor class I teach is over, I have more time to focus on the business of art along with developing my skills (just in time for the holiday season). My demo painting from the last class was inspired by color and mood along with the upcoming winter season.

Romantic Reflections, watercolor, 18" x 24"


  1. Romantic Reflections is gorgeous! When I clicked on it I actually shivered when it popped up full size. I could almost feel the cold breeze pushing the snow through the trees. I really think it is my new favorite of your watercolors. Brrrrrr....

    Thanks for sharing about the other art sites. I'll be checking these out.


  2. I agree with Don about the watercolor. It's nice of you to mention these sites. The possibilities do seem endless.

  3. A beautiful watercolor!

    I agree that the possibilities do seem endless. Fortunately, you have the talent and skill to back it up.

  4. Don, Hallie and Pam,

    You guys are so supportive and I always appreciate your comments. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow I am flying home to Chicago to be with my family). I have enjoyed sharing with each of you these past few months. I think I was a late blog bloomer!

    Take care,

  5. I agree with Don. The ethereal quality of your work is so appealing! Thanks so much for the nod. :-)

  6. This is beautiful Robin. I'm glad you joined FineArtAmerica. There are a lot of good artists on the site. I'll have to check out your page.

  7. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Kathy. I am learning so much from visiting your blog!

    Nancy, I couldn't remember the other artist Deborah mentioned on Fine Art America and I just realized it was you! Have you sold prints or cards off of the website? or originals?? I am wondering how well print sales are monitored. I may email you about the website and how it works for you when I have more time.