Monday, February 7, 2011

Balancing Act

This past December I signed up to substitute teach in the local school system. I have been trying to figure out ways I can supplement my art income because my sales were down in 2010. Fortunately, I have been called regularly to cover classrooms, anywhere from high school English and History, to middle school Special Ed., to elementary school Art. Unfortunately, this has been a huge distraction from my art-making process in the studio. My hope is that I continue to substitute teach until the end of the school year, then I will be more qualified when I apply for full time positions this summer. I still teach watercolor workshops at the local art college but it's just not enough. My creativity has been side tracked for now and rather than forcing myself to paint when I have time (a day off like today) I am taking a break from new works, just until I have found a better balance in my life.

Sometimes I wonder how everyone else finds a balance with the "art" world vs. "real" world. 

After my last post... in retaliation from show rejection... I decided to subject myself to more torture (kidding) and I applied to a juried show but this time it was out of state (and a last minute effort). I will hear on Friday whether my work was accepted or not; my expectations are low bordering non existent. I found the prospectus in an email generated from Professional Artist magazine aka Art Calendar email. Do any of you submit work to those listings?

My submissions were 3 new encaustic paintings, I will hear via email whether I was accepted to the show or not, wish me luck.


  1. I bet you get in, I love your art! If for some reason these judges have no taste, just keep on trying!

  2. Robin these three pieces are wonderful. I see no reason they would not get excepted. However, a lot of shows you see advertised are not really shows so be very careful when you pick them that they are legitimate,

  3. Thanks for your support, Waxy!

    Eva, I actually researched the show prospectus to make sure it sounded like a good fit for me even though it was a last minute decision to enter -

  4. RObin I'm loving your wild and wonderful landscape abstracts. Getting into these juried shows is definitely hit or miss. I don't enter many of them any more, especially as the fees are getting so high.

    Like you, I continually struggle to find enough creating time...

  5. These are three great pieces. I entered shows when I was younger and sculpting and living close to D.C. galleries--my back was in good shape then.

    I've never found balance. If I have a "chunk" of time (at least 3 days) I'll head to the workshop and paint. If not, I draw or play with new supplies here in the house--usually late at night.

  6. Robin- These three pieces are all so strong. Best of luck-- I think they are all winners.

    Like Hallie, I've never found balance. I just go until I'm too exhausted to do anymore. Rest. Start again.

  7. Good luck! I too have difficulty balancing life with art but unfortunately in my case, the art suffers alot. I'm not strong in it at the best of times (though I do have a few shining moments in my own opinion). If you find a secret to balancing it, please do share. I would so rather be here in my art room creating.

  8. These are all great pieces and will make it into a show - if not this one, there will be others. Almost all of the shows that I've gotten into were ones that I found out about thru Art Calendar. I've subscribed to them for almost 20 years now and have found them to be a valuable and reliable resource. Good luck!

    Balance? What's that? I just learned to live without sleep...


  9. Good luck getting your paintings into the show. They're all beautiful.