Saturday, February 12, 2011


It was time to lighten up - no thoughts about competitions or entering juried shows, just having fun with my paints and remembering why I love being an artist. I chose a completely different theme, the gray wolf. 

My one and only dilemma was whether I wanted to build up layers of clear wax medium on top of the pigmented wax, but I didn't want to loose the texture, instead I fused with heat to seal the paint. I may continue with the wolf theme tomorrow; there is someone special that will be receiving a wolf painting for her birthday next week!

"Gray Wolf", 6 x 6 encaustic


  1. The texture is really cool on this. Someone will be getting a birthday gift to remember next week. Too bad my birthday isn't until November. ;-)


  2. Don, my 9 yr. old niece is currently in love with wolves as well as Big Foot, I am going to be in town for her birthday celebration, something I usually miss, (she is in Chicago, I am in Boston) and I decided why not give the gift of art (per her mother's recommendation!)

  3. Robin- Your wolf is beautiful! I think you are a tremendous talent.
    Your niece will be thrilled.

  4. I am just blown away by how beautiful this is. Knowing it is encaustic just makes it more mind-blowing to me. It really is stunning!!

  5. Wow! Your wolf looks really great!

  6. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate the positive feedback, always.