Friday, February 11, 2011

Strike Two

Today was the day I would have received notification if any of my submissions were accepted to the most recent competition I entered, and let's just say I did not receive notification (which means I was not accepted). I can't say I am terribly disappointed but it's never fun accepting rejection (although over the years I have gotten much better at it!) I did second guess the work I submitted, I always do, because all 3 pieces were impressionistic encaustic paintings and in my opinion, encaustic as a medium is misunderstood unless you are an artist working with it.

This weekend should allow me time to work on small image transfers followed by the watercolor workshop I am teaching at Montserrat College on February 19 and 26. In the meantime, I am posting an older watercolor that was sold several years ago. The image inspires me with feelings of peace and tranquility. I tried to re-create a similar feeling using encaustic paint several weeks ago; practice practice!

"Ocean Dreams"

"Hidden Sunset"


  1. I especially love ocean dreams...the colors are so dreamy and perfect (can you tell I am a water sign? LOL). I've never been one to handle rejection well. I turn it inwards so I am glad to know that you aren't taking things too hard. Someone once mentioned that you never know for sure what they are looking for at shows. If they get too many like kind pieces, they'll not accept them all. Then of course, there is personal preference thrown into the mix, or just a look or a theme they are going for. That said...I've never submitted anything for anywhere because I can't handle the rejection. Oy.

  2. Someplace I read "Don't let the judges define you." I think a lot of good things have happened in your life recently; this is just a small blip--think of it as a growing pain.

  3. Autumn, I appreciate your support. I reminded myself of advice I gave you, painting is my gift to me, onward and upward!

    Hallie, I totally agree, a growing pain that is now behind me. :)

  4. I think that whatever the medium, the art will speak for itself. I still think that the pieces you entered were worthy of any juried show, but it is such a subjective thing. I would not want to be a juror... I recently had a piece that ended up on a 'wait list' for a juried show because the judge had chosen too many for the show. Regrettably, it did not get in. But, what is crazy about the whole thing is there were almost 6,000 entries in that show. It's hard to punch through in such a large group. I only mention all this to encourage and let you know that not getting accepted should not be taken personal. Keep trying, because your work is good. I believe it will make it into many shows in the future.


  5. Thank you for the words of wisdom Don. Over the years I have told other artists the same exact thing. I really do love creating and painting and there are times I forget the reasons why I do this because I am only focused on "is this an award winning painting"... very bad for my creative spirit. This is a good slap in the face to remind me why I paint, and it's not about the awards, juried show entries, or even the money... those things are just bonuses!