Saturday, February 19, 2011


This must be the week of sketch book practice...  other bloggers I follow also wrote about sketching (DanSherry, Celeste). I have only had time to sketch briefly while out and about this week, until today when I am teaching an all day watercolor workshop. It's all about making time (any amount of time) to practice and not feel inhibited.

I liked viewing the sketches on both the front and back side of the page, there is interesting white of paper remaining on the back side... the watercolor painter in me always recognizes white space. Sharpie markers are easy to transport and do not require any setup, quite a change from watercolor or encaustic.

Sketches from Thursday:


  1. Very cool Robin! I really enjoy it when others share a few pages from their sketch books. It's fun for me to see their creative directions. Looking forward to seeing your new works as a result of these! :)

    ~ Kathleen

  2. It must have been sketch and draw week--I've been doing the same. Spring Fever, maybe.

  3. Robin- I too love the back side of the page but you are the first person I've ever known to share that! When I made quilts, I always thought the back side of the top was more interesting.
    So glad you are finding time in your busy schedule for your own art.

  4. Hah! I also use the backside of the pages. Sometimes I have some watercolor bleed through and that tickles me to no end. I use those pages too. Of course, sketching doesn't come quite as naturally to me as does doodling. Maybe I should doodle in my sketchbook???