Saturday, April 30, 2011


I got an email last week, from a reporter who works for a local online newspaper. She saw one of my encaustic paintings in the Swampscott Arts Association exhibit and asked if she could interview me. I had met her in January at a reception and we realized our daughters went to pre-school together, so she came to my home for the interview. When she was here, I showed her the series of work I will be featuring in November at my solo show "Pathways and Transitions", then I demonstrated how I do encaustic image transfers. I let her pick out which of the images to use for the transfer and after she left I decided to do a larger version of the same image. I am curious to see what she writes (she said it won't be posted for a few weeks), but for now I can share what I painted.

"Wisteria", 16" x 20" encaustic image transfer

2.5" x 3.5" encaustic image transfer, painted during my interview

Photo used for image transfer

You may notice I edited the image in my paintings; did not include the car under the canopy, and painted heavier blossoms (artistic freedom).


  1. Robin, these are absolutely exquisite! Oh to see you work!

  2. Wisteria reminds me of the South. Beautiful images, and good news about the article.

  3. Congrats on the article, Robin! I can't wait to read it. I love both of your encaustics, but must say that the abstract nature of the little one REALLY 'trips my trigger'. Outstanding work!

    Since this is my first time to visit in a couple weeks I had a LOT of catching up to do. You've been a very busy lady! Congrats on the award at the Spring Show and for the show at the bank. Congrats also on all the wonderful work that is coming from your trip to Tuscany. It's exciting and inspiring to see how much work is coming from your studio.

    Now, rest that back of yours before it makes you take a weeklong break like mine did. It's better to rest it on your terms than on its - trust me.


  4. Congratulations on the article. I would love to get a link to it when it comes out. These are both beautiful encaustics. I love wisteria.

  5. Robin- The wisteria is so beautiful. It strikes me that the reporter must have been so impressed to see you work. I am amazed truly at all that you do and then how it all comes back into play, such as doing a demonstration for an interview. You always go the extra mile and it pays off.
    I look forward to your sharing the article!

  6. Thank you, Sherry. Too bad you aren't local or you could be here for a demo!

    Hallie, wisteria makes me think spring! I am planning on posting a link to the article on my blog.

    I have been busy, Don, and inspired. The more I paint, the more my back screams back at me to stop!

    Hopefully I will have the article next week, Nancy.

    Pam, It was funny to me that I had not spent time obsessing (being a dynamo) when the reporter was here and I think it led me to a freer painting experience, go figure.

  7. beautiful encaustics....congratulations on the article, we'll be looking to read it when it comes out!