Friday, June 17, 2011

End of watercolor workshop

Things began to click for me yesterday, and continued today. The biggest impact Joel made on me was in my use of lights and darks, and not being afraid to make strong shadows. I also want to cut back on the amount of water and spray I use when wetting the paper. My most unexpected experience was how much I enjoyed painting from a live model.

Yesterday we painted outside but my favorite work from the day was when I got "up close and personal" with Hosta in the garden.

Hosta I, 18" x 24"

Hosta II, 18" x 24"

One of my favorite figure studies was combining 3 different poses, each painted in less than 5 minutes.

Figure Study, 22" x 30"

The last thing we did this afternoon was rip up the paintings we did not want to keep, then we created collages.

Figure Study Collage, 30" x 22"

Joel Janowitz was an amazing, articulate, knowledgable teacher. I can only hope I am as helpful to my students as he was to me.


  1. Sigh...all are beautiful! I think my work would bleed if I ripped them up, no matter how icky they are. I put so much time and blood, sweat, and tears into them!

  2. I think it is a good practice to not be attached to one piece of art, Sherri, and there was something very freeing about ripping the paintings that were part of our learning processes during the week (how do you properly spell your name? I keep changing the way I spell it!) Also, none of these paintings had that much time invested into them.

  3. There is a wonderful energy that runs through all four of these pieces. I can just 'feel' the fun you are having.

    I am WAY behind in my blogging. It's almost overwhelming to see how much stuff I missed out on over the past several days. Keep on Rockin', Robin... :-)