Monday, June 20, 2011

Web facelift time (again)

It was almost a year ago when I decided to no longer pay a web designer to manage my site and I switched over to Apple software with web hosting. I am not versed in web design although the Apple company offers simplified templates, perfect for someone like me, who would rather be spending my time doing other things (like painting). When I initially setup my site, I spent several weeks totally obsessed, building and editing every detail. I was able to update as often as needed.

I love being able to manage everything on my own.

I decided to choose a black background because it made the images of my paintings pop (and it was how my old website looked) but in the past 10 months I have discovered that the best way to present artwork online is with a white or light background. Galleries have white walls, not black, because it is less distracting and makes it easier to see the true color of an artwork. I know when I am reading a black page on my monitor if the font is bright white it almost hurts my eyes. I am now going to make the change over to white pages. Below are 2 samples of my new home page, although neither sample includes the header on top. Pretty simple. I am not sure if my font should be gray or black, but once I start copying my current website in the new template it will be easier for me to figure out the details. I am hoping I can focus on this all week so that I will be ready to post my new and improved site live on the web by next week.

sample of new website home page (below)
version 1
version 2


  1. I wish you luck, Robin. In the true spirit of my apparently contrary nature, I must say that I rather like the black. The white is almost glowing and does tend to bother my eyes. Still, I love the website and it is nice to visit the pieces all together!

  2. I have old eyes so black (or almost black) on white speeds up my reading. I like Version 2 with that great signature--I'm sure your name will appear in print also on the site. Looking forward to viewing the new website.

  3. Actually, I finished building my new website and already uploaded it so it's working now. I have time to decide if I should add my signature but for now I decided not to use it. The white feels more professional to me. I saved my old site so I can always switch back if I change my mind. Thanks for both your comments.