Saturday, June 11, 2011

Positive reinforcement

I was at a meeting this morning (Weight Watchers, I admit I am one of them) and we talked about what we keep track of in the course of a week. Tara, our meeting leader, asked if anyone blogged and of course I responded enthusiastically that I did, then she asked me why. The answer for me was "it helps make sense of it all". I blog because I am passionate about making art, love to share and talk about each new piece as it occurs, and often learn from all of your comments. I also know that by writing (blogging aka journaling) I am listening to myself, something I am not always good at.

With that in mind, receiving the Best in Show for mixed media work at this years Marblehead Festival of Arts has inspired me to revisit the ocean waves across the street, and the dreary, rainy weather is always motivation. 

"Splash", 8" x 8" encaustic painting

Next week I will be participating in a week long Summer Studio Immersive at Montserrat College hosted by Joel Janowitz. I am excited and curious to embrace a workshop environment that is not hosted by yours truly, and look forward to sharing my progress here.


  1. Sigh...the tempest of the seas captured oh so exquisitely! So lovely, Robin!!

  2. Thank you, Sherri. I love painting the ocean using wax, it's so fluid.

  3. I actually work better in dreary weather. Splash, though beautiful, reminds me that I'm rather timid around water.

  4. This is beautiful Robin. You've really told a story of a rainy day with a stormy sea. I don't know how you do it with wax.