Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun Fruits

Wouldn't fruit drawings be fun to hang in a kitchen? Permanently ripe!

Apple, 9" x 10", pastel 

Orange, 9" x 10", pastel

Lemon, 9" x 10", pastel

It took me several days to recuperate from last weekend's encaustic project, I was totally engrossed for 2 days not to mention the weeks I had spent thinking about how I was going to handle it and I was physically drained when I finished. I have another encaustic painting planned for this weekend, but in the mean time, I had time to sketch some things I found in my refrigerator.


  1. Gorgeous colors, Robin! Now why am I fantasizing about sangria???? LOL Oh yes, fruit and Fridays...maybe it is time for a glass!

  2. These are nice. I have a scuppernong hanging in my kitchen--I painted it, then ate it. A scuppernong is a type of grape (muscadine) that grows wild around here. Is there an easy way to frame pastels?

  3. Sangria sounds perfect right now, TGIF Sherry.

    Never heard of scuppernong, do they use that type of grape for wine? I think I have alcoholic beverages on the brain! I was told a pastel can go into a regular matt and frame, like a watercolor. The challenge for me is whether to use fixative or not, I don't like how it changes the colors but I hate the dust pieces that continue to fall... I don't have an answer.