Saturday, July 2, 2011

Exciting News!

Last fall I had heard that the Ampersand Company was offering free samples of their newest product for encaustic painters, Encausticbord. I decided to visit the website and sure enough I read that if you sent an email request for free samples, they would send several small sample sized boards, free of charge. When is anything ever free, right? Well, within a week's time I received my samples along with a letter from Andrea, the Ampersand customer service rep. She said if I wanted to share with her via email what I used the encausticbord for, there might be a chance Dick Blick would want to use the artwork in one of their promotional catalogs. That was nine months ago.

The image I had sent - "Spring Pathway", 3.5" x 2.5", encaustic image transfer

Two days ago I received an email from Andrea, and to quote her,

"Hi Robin, I have some very good news! This lovely image that you emailed us last year has been selected by Dick Blick to be featured in their Holiday '11 sales flyer".

I have to say that I had completely forgotten about ever submitting a sample to her and the fact that they are using one of my paintings, (they are also compensating me financially), combined with the publicity of my name and website below the image in the catalog, has me thinking I could not have even paid for better publicity than this. After the holiday weekend I will be free during most of July and I am definitely inspired to continue exploring encaustics. Of course, I will be painting on Ampersand's encausticbords.


  1. I have to think of something other than "Congratulations." Every time I visit your blog, I find great news. Wonderful.

  2. HA HA HA, Hallie! I think its feast or famine with me, but your congratulations are always appreciated.

  3. I wish you could see the big smile on my face right now! I could not be prouder for you Robin! Enjoy your feast and may it last a long time...


  4. Robin! Congratulations!! I must say that I am absolutely in love with this piece! It is so very beautiful and my gosh. I just wish I had it! Stunning work and now so many more will be able to see your work! I too am proud of you!

  5. Thanks Don... gonna enjoy the feast, at least through the holiday weekend.

    Sherry, I had been moving toward painting freehand with wax rather than the image transfers but with the upcoming Dick Blick advertisement, it's an endorsement to continue with them. Thanks.

  6. Wow Robin, what wonderful news. This has certainly been a great year for you artistically so far. I'm really happy for you and feel that your good fortune is very well deserved. Your are is wonderful.

  7. Robin!!!! YEAH!!! I love Dick Blick and now I love them even more!!!
    And since it's always all about me... I can say, the fantastic art on that page was done by this fantastic artist I know. My friends will be very impressed.
    As am I. Fantastic news Robin and well deserved!

  8. It has been a great run of positive events lately, Nancy. I will need to remind myself when things slow down as we all know they can and do.

    Pam, of course I am now wondering if something will go wrong and this really doesn't happen... but hopefully it will all work out. I continue to battle my inner critic!

  9. Erase those negative thoughts RIGHT NOW! I understand them completely and I understand, I think, how hard they can be to combat. (I combat my own.)
    BUT- those negative thoughts have no place here. The positive, you see, has ALREADY HAPPENED!
    Revel in it and continue working.