Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wildflowers in Tuscany

When I was traveling through Tuscany, a few of my favorite photos were taken when we got lost on a country road on our way to Cortona. I only had my phone camera handy and I decided to use the low resolution photo as a transfer, knowing I would enhance details with paint. 

"Wildflowers", 20" x 16" encaustic image transfer

This painting is the 4th encaustic image transfer inspired by my recent visit to Tuscany. I will be starting the 5th as soon as my order from Dick Blick is delivered, I ran out of encaustic medium! 
Photo I plan on using:

My other Tuscan inspired encaustic image transfers can be seen below.

"Wisteria Canopy", 16" x 20"

"Red Geraniums", 12" x 12"

"Shadows in Tuscany", 16" x 20"


  1. I just love each and every one of these pieces! All are beautiful!

  2. These are wonderful scenes--the ones that are finished and the ones awaiting your hand. I know some artists who prefer their cellphone images because of the lack of detail.

  3. Thank you, Sherry. I am now hopeful my booth display at the Paradise City show this October will be filled with new, larger, encaustic paintings.

    Hallie, I loved having the freedom to change the image to suit my needs and it was probably easier for me because the photo was vague.