Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation inspiration

I will be back home later today and already I am looking forward to my next painting(s). One of the photographs I took of my brother's home in Michigan will be used for an encaustic image transfer, a house warming gift that is long over due.

My focus will be on the lines and angles of the fence softened by the surrounding flowers and bushes. I like the uphill view in this composition and that it is not an obvious "head-on" house portrait.

And my ongoing project continues, The Water Life Series. I am ready to use the 18" x 24" wood panel that's been collecting dust in my studio.

Recently I updated my artist statement and because of this, I am now able to easily identify and focus on creating motion, reflecting the energy of the water landscape with the encaustic medium. The logical progression of this series is to work larger. Isn't it great when you go on vacation and come back re-charged and excited to work?


  1. What a great view of an obviously beautiful home. Hmm....your artist's statement is your guide--never thought of it in that way, but it makes sense. I'm glad you're re-charged.

  2. Home, recharged, and ready for action (after catching up from being away)!

  3. Well, I sure can't wait to see this one!