Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take 2

I had to try one more time to use the wine photo, but this time I scaled it down to 8" x 8". I did not want to let myself get caught up in the geometric details and only chose to highlight random spots. I made sure the image was transferred without rips and I reminded myself not to over work this but it looks cloudy and lifeless, maybe that's why I am so attracted to painting nature. Kinda looks like cob webs and dust are surrounding the bottles, doesn't it?

"A Good Year"
8" x 8", encaustic on panel

I also added a few foreground details into "Sandy Beach Waves", now I can call this a finished work.


  1. I like what you added to the beach painting. It's lovely!

  2. Thanks, Katherine. I am definitely more connected to painting organic subject matter and I think it shows.

  3. Robin, I love the repetition and visual texture of the wine bottles, but I think your paintings best express the your artistic style. Good job as usual:O)

  4. I love both but the top piece just sings to me. It is gorgeous and I suspect the cobwebs would indeed be found in an old wine cellar!

  5. Sometimes I think I am still questioning what I want my artistic style to be, Eva. That's when I try something new and out of my comfort zone, which could open up to new possibilities.

    Sherry, I am glad you can connect to the wine and cobwebs, I think the piece is growing on me.