Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Copley Society of Art

It started back in July when I decided to submit a preliminary application to the Copley Society, 4 jpg images with a very brief 1 page form outlining specifics regarding my art. Within a month's time I heard back that I made it successfully (my last attempt about 5 years ago was not successful) past the initial application process and I was now eligible to submit the full application, a much more detailed package of information.

Next I was to submit a minimum of 5 jpg images that were a strong, cohesive body of work with the #1 image actually brought in, framed and ready to hang. We were told that we could include up to 20 jpg's although the first 5 were the only that would be juried. Additional images would be included on the website if accepted as an artist member. I also had to include:
- a current resume (something I needed to format properly and spent numerous hours reviewing)
- a personal statement that specifically addressed my process and inspiration (I also spent numerous hours refining this)
- hard copies and digital images, all on a disc in the required format
- a personal reference from a credentialed source
- any articles, reviews, or additional references were optional
- check payment carrying a 2nd application fee

This was my choice for #1 image

I had another month to organize and prepare all of these application materials and this was a key opportunity to bring my behind the scenes, professional details up a notch. I met with Kim Bernard, an encaustic artist and consultant I respected, and the first professional to actually review my encaustic paintings and technique. She also helped me refine my website and better merge the two mediums I am using, encaustic and watercolor painting, into a more cohesive presentation of work. She was also the affirmation I needed in the encaustic art world. My preferred medium is encaustic, and the Copley Society was given the Water Life series to judge in my application.

About 2 weeks after submitting everything I received word I was accepted as an artist member at the Copley Society of Art. Wow. I am thrilled, and looking forward to participating in all that the society has to offer.

The Copley Society of Art is the oldest non-profit art association in America. It began in 1879 and ...

"As the oldest nonprofit 501(c)(3) art association in America, the Society remains true to its original mandate by promoting the advancement, understanding, and enjoyment of the highest quality visual arts. By engaging its artist, patron, and volunteer members in exhibitions and innovative outreach programs - such as award and scholarship support for artists, Masters Workshop Programs, gallery talks, and critique sessions - the Society is prepared to reaffirm its mission for the next millennium."


  1. Somehow I deleted your comment, Hallie... but I received it - "This is wonderful news--congratulations. You had the great work but getting all those ducks in a row could not have been easy--keep climbing those mountains."
    And yes, getting all my ducks in a row consumed me for months, it feels good to have all of that in good order, and behind me now. Thanks. I wonder which mountain I will be climbing next...

  2. Proof yet again that hard work and perseverance pay off. Congratulations, Robin!!!


  3. Wow! Congratulations, Robin! I so admire the tenacity to not throw one's hands up at all the hoops that have to be jumped through! I get so impatient with all of that stuff and it seems there is no way to "explain" yourself when filling out forms. LOL Can't wait to see what you do with your acceptance and position within the society.