Monday, September 5, 2011

Win Some, Loose Some

Yesterday I started working on a large image transfer and today it transformed into one huge disaster. Let's just say I could not remedy the problems I created with the red and black wax and melting it off caused the image transfer to fall apart (I admit I was not gentle with the torch)!

In order to find some peace of mind I took out a smaller panel (11" x 14") and decided to paint sandy waves. Every day when I walk my dog I notice the colors of the sand, waves, water, and sky. This was the last official day of summer although I am sure the beaches will continue to be my inspiration.

"Sandy Waves" (in progress)
11" x 14" encaustic on panel


  1. I like this--Sandy Waves. I'm sure you'll have an "Aha" moment and try the wine bottles with shelves again. It will be great--it was interesting and quite different.

  2. I may work on a much smaller version of the bottles tomorrow, Hallie. But I may have to make some minor adjustments to sandy waves first!

  3. Gorgeous sea colors and I love the turbulence of the sea, Robin! So sad to know you lost the wine cellar piece. Will you attempt it again?

  4. Sherry, I plan on doing a much smaller version of the bottles, maybe today (after I make some minor adjustments to sandy waves).

  5. Gentle with a torch seems a bit antithetical anyhow!
    As much as I detest losing- it's what makes winning so special.
    Much like Sandy Waves- beautiful! I look forward to it's progression.

  6. Always wonderful to hear from you Pam, thanks for the encouraging post, I totally agree with you.