Saturday, January 7, 2012

Encaustic Workshops

The first week of the new year has led me into several new teaching opportunities. I continue to teach watercolor painting at Montserrat College of Art but after the demonstration I held during my reception in December at Lynn Arts, there was so much interest with encaustic painting techniques that I am now scheduled to teach a 1 day workshop on May 12 (details for the workshop will be listed on the Lynn Arts website soon).

I am also offering another 1 day encaustic workshop in February at Marblehead Natural Healing. My paintings will be hanging on display starting Monday and details for the upcoming workshop will be posted next week. 

Dr. Devorah and I together decided which pieces I would hang in her office space and four of her favorites were older paintings from The Lotus Series.

The other 10 paintings are from my Pathways series, hopefully everything will fit in her space when I hang on Monday! 


  1. What wonderful paintings for a Healing Center! You're revving up for another art-filled year, and I know you'll learn and teach and accept awards, and learn and teach and accept awards. I love hearing about your exciting escalator ride.

  2. Robin, thanks for the visit, feed back from an incredible artist like yourself means a lot to me!
    Your work is just fabulous.. I cant take my eyes off on your lotus series..really wish I could watch your process!

  3. Great job, Robin! It looks like you took the momentum that had been building last year and have started the new year out at a full run. Saaaaa-weet!


  4. Congratulations on the new workshops, Robin! I hope that when you come out this way to live that I can attend one myself! This series is pretty but that last piece is the one that grabs my heart and sends it over the top. So beautiful!

  5. Hallie, the best part about these new workshops is they really just fell into place. Hopefully show acceptances will follow. Of course you will continue to hear about the ride, ups as well as downs. :)

    Padmaja, your landscapes speak to me as well, I am glad you feel connected. One of my 2012 goals is to create a video of my encaustic painting process. Editing will be my biggest challenge but I hope to share with a video soon.

    Half the battle with creating momentum is being flexible and open to the possibilities, Don, but I don't need to tell you that!

    Sherry, physically moving back to the midwest will be the easy part, establishing myself in the local art communities and finding new opportunities to teach and exhibit once I am there will take time but hopefully we will stay connected through blogging and the internet.