Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Member's Show, Copley Society of Art

Last night was the opening reception for the new members at the Copley Society of Art. It was my first official show participation and I wasn't sure what to expect. Maybe because it was a winter Saturday or maybe because the Copley Society is located in a great location on Newbury Street in Boston but I was blown away by the attendance. I made a few new friends, did some networking, even had several patrons approach me about my art. Time will tell if anything pans out or if I will be a part of future juried exhibitions. 

Above, I am standing next to the wall in the front of the gallery where all of the new members accepted in 2011 are listed.

The reception was packed!

My painting "Storm Wave" (top right) was the only encaustic painting in the show.

New artist friends, Derek Uhlman (sculptor) and Marilene Sawaf (painter).

We took a group photo for gallery publicity, I counted 20 out of the 34 new members at the reception but I am not sure if others left before the photo was taken.

Many of the pieces in the show were large scale and I have been procrastinating with my next project... I am finally motivated to get to work.

Each of these panels are 30" x 30", a possible diptych is in the works. 


  1. Wow what an amazing turnout! Great to see so many people supporting the arts. Hope you made some lucrative connections!

  2. Thanks for sharing what looks to have been a wonderful evening. That crowded gallery is the way every art opening should look. Isn't it wonderful how being around other artist and their work can be so inspiring? I can't wait to see what you've got hatching...


  3. Congratulations again, Robin. The show was indeed packed and looks like so much fun!

  4. It was an amazing turnout, Deborah. Even the staff at the Copley Society said they were overwhelmed (in a really good way).

    I think seeing all of the work at the opening inspired me for sure, Don. I forgot how working large can be exhausting... hopefully I will make more progress to blog about later today.

    Sherry, the hardest part of any opening is getting people to come, the rest is up to the art hanging on the walls and that is out of our (the artist's) control. It was surprisingly fun, and hopefully I will have opportunities to attend future receptions there.

  5. Beautiful photos, Robin. That's an impressive crowd--must have been an exciting evening.

  6. It was exciting, Hallie, and I usually don't make the effort to go to evening art events in the city. I went with my daughter which made the evening special, too.