Monday, August 13, 2012


Encaustic painting has led me into an entirely different creative process. I am also relating to abstract art for the first time with a simplified vision and new understanding.

"Upstream", 8" x 8" encaustic on panel

This morning I spent four hours painting two panels with over 20 layers of encaustic paint. I learned this process in the workshop Laura Moriarty taught at Castle Hill last month and I am continuing to work with the paint in new ways, knowing that each completed painting is a stepping stone toward improving and mastering the technique. 

I decided to paint both panels with the same layers of color however sculpting and shaping with scraping tools will be done without planning to match one piece to the next. This is an experiment to learn more about the sculptural qualities of the paint, to see what creates similarities and differences. Tomorrow I will sculpt the panel on the left, the one common denominator will be linear shape.

These 2 pieces will be additions to my newest series, Maps


  1. I've been trying to figure out what these latest pieces remind me of, Robin. I think it is tomographies? Like images seen inside of the human body with all the colors as seen in either a CAT scan or an MRI (I'm not sure which). That is a really cool effect.

  2. It makes sense, tomographies have a wave-like appearance, which is also what topography maps have, in my mind it is a way of conveying energy. I am really focused on mastering another encaustic technique in order to better teach; the more I can know and do, the better I can teach.