Friday, August 17, 2012

NOAA radar images

NOAA stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They are the people that put out marine and hurricane warnings using doppler radar images. Throughout the summer I have been inspired by the weather, storms, and the energy associated with these events.

Hurricane Ernesto radar map from earlier this month

"Cyclogenesis", 6" x 6" encaustic on panel

"Eye of the Storm", 6" x 6" encaustic on panel

I have learned about weather terms used when describing various storms and decided to name these 2 paintings accordingly.

The abstracts are a new direction for me and although I plan on continuing to develop this series, I am also preparing for my upcoming shows and will include my small encaustic landscape paintings because of their salability. Below are additional versions of the same lighthouse I painted last week. I now have 30 shadowbox framed works ready to go along with assorted larger works.

Cape Cod lighthouse


  1. I've been following all your progress. I love these lighthouses but Cyclogenesis speaks to me. I follow the Brain Series on Charlie Rose--I think I look for faces. The NOAA works are wonderful.

  2. I love your colorful abstracts, I have used similar reference and tried with pastels.The hurricane patterns can be endless, so also the directions we get as we proceed with this subject. Great idea to include smaller works for your upcoming shows, true, they stand a better chance of finding new homes Robin! All the best!

  3. What awesome little landscapes. Truly beautiful, Robin!!

  4. Hallie, I think it is the same principle - energy forces - in both the human brain and mother nature. I am exploring it all using encaustic techniques and loving it. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    The doppler radar maps have hypnotized me, padmaja! The endless directions of energy patterns are what appeals to me most.

    Sherry, there is always a market for small (affordable) works, plus I don't want to loose the patron appeal by only focusing on abstracts. I hope to make another 5-10 more small works before my first demo (and selling) event on Sept. 15, assuming I have the time.

  5. Robin- I am always blown away by your prolific output of creativity! I love the weather inspired abstracts and your more 'salable' light house pieces are beautiful and classic.
    Good luck with your upcoming shows. And thank you for sharing your art here on your blog. I love seeing your work here and on Facebook.

  6. The weather inspired abstracts have captured my attention lately, Pam, and as soon as I have more time to create I will be working larger. The technique has become addictive. I appreciate you following my posts where ever they may be!

  7. Love your weather paintings, Robin! I've always thought Doppler radar made sensational designs... you have endless possibilities here :)

    1. Thanks Deborah, and I am already moving in a new direction in my mind, just need to catch up with the paint!