Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Places and Maps

"Cape Escape", encaustic triptych, 12" x 28"

I had in my mind that if I re-created with paint the places I visited during my week on Cape Cod, I would retain the feeling you get when you go on vacation, indefinitely. I already had the panels and frame, and by adding greater dimensionality with textured wax, then floating each piece in the shadowbox frame, I felt the paintings together had a life of its own.

Painting the dunes was the most challenging because of the tricky shadows and mounds of sand. At a distance the shadows work but close up, not so much. I started another dune painting at the same time and will finish that to be shown on its own.

Simultaneously, I am in the midst of discovering a new direction with my encaustic work, and I am excited about the unknown of where this is taking me.

The abstract paintings I began last month have developed with the underlying idea of maps, horizon lines, aerial views, earth, (and everything else that you have shared in comments on previous blog posts!) I am going to go with the flow. This is the third piece I have completed and you can see the other works together here. I am being consistent with the size for now and have thought about possibly attaching the entire body of 8" x 8" paintings together as a single piece, but it's still too soon for me to know where this will end.

Untitled, 8" x 8" encaustic on board


  1. Hi Robin, I love the three encaustics you did from your Cape Cod trip and your presentation of the three in one frame is awesome!

    The abstracts look like fun and are a big departure from your usual work. I look forward to seeing their progression.

  2. Well, I personally hope you keep going with your encaustic landscape paintings. I love every one of them!

  3. It was fun putting 3 works together in the single frame, Nancy. I may continue doing diptychs and triptychs. Abstracts are a personal journey and challenge. I am looking forward to their progression too!

    Sherry, I am not ending my love of painting landscapes in the least, but instead I am learning and discovering an additional way of creating landscapes, but more abstractly.

  4. Robin, I love the triptych! It will be interesting to see where your abstract direction leads!

  5. The triptych was definitely fun, there wil be more down the road. Same with the abstracts, all in good time.

  6. I loved your idea of the tryptych, very unique! Loved your abstract as well, such a joy to see this amulgamation of colors and textures, the blue and the orange steal the show!