Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cape Cod

Even though I am having tons of fun creating abstract works, I have to take a break until I receive the additional panels I ordered over the weekend. I want to remain consistent with the size of these paintings and feel that seeing the abstracts grouped together will connect the dots, or more literally, the horizon lines.

In the meantime, I have been inspired by my recent visit to Truro on Cape Cod last week.

"Cape Cod Lighthouse", 5" x 5" encaustic 

Cape Cod lighthouse is probably the most famous on the Cape, due to the fact that beach erosion forced the lighthouse to be moved 450 feet from the shoreline. The history of this lighthouse can be read here.

"Funnel Clouds in Truro", 5" x 5" encaustic

One late afternoon when we were sitting on the back porch of our hotel room we watched a storm approach. This particular storm made the news and when I found out later there were several funnel clouds that touched down over the water, I knew I had captured it.

A third painting I started today (of sand dunes) should be completed tomorrow. I plan on putting all three small works in a triptych frame.


  1. Oh boy!! These are both just beautiful, Robin.

  2. These are wonderful, and so full of summer bliss... I especially love the second one, it has kind of a Van Gogh feel to it. The colors you used are very unique and create a special mood to all your pieces. Very nicely done!

  3. Using the wax to create impressions and texture is one of my favorite things to do, thanks Sherry and Katherine.

  4. These are such jewels--I think each would easily stand on its own. Beautiful.

  5. Well, it's too late now! I finished the 3rd painting and have just finished framing the 3 small works together. It was a fun project, I even thought about keeping them separate, and decided I could always switch over later. I will post the end result later.

  6. Gorgeous pieces Robin, I can keep looking at them for ever.. the textures take away my breath!