Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I spent today getting back into the swing of business, shows, and life in general but it wasn't easy. I can hardly believe we are into a new year ... where does the time go.

Moving to Chicago is not just a far away idea anymore, it will become my reality in a few months once I sign an apartment lease. Last Friday I looked at a few apartments when I was in town and I discovered a very cool building; the lobby hosts small monthly art shows and even though the apartments did not work for me, I may be able to get into a small neighborhood show there around September.

Lobby at The Belmont (gallery space on the background walls)

My next trip to Chicago won't be until March when I can actually sign a lease. In the meantime, I have several upcoming shows and workshops to teach. Details are listed on the right in "Current and Upcoming Events".

The Copley Society, Small Works show -

Swampscott Art Association, Retrospective show -

The Swampscott Art Association is also having another winter show in Salem, I have until Friday to figure out if and what I will submit.

Next workshop I am teaching is January 12, Intro to Encaustic at Brush Strokes Studios. In March I teach my last watercolor workshop at Montserrat College of Art, and after that moving will be my job 24/7.


  1. You're off to a flying start in 2013. These works--Copley and Swampscott-- are outstanding. I love that Chicago lobby; this will be an exciting year for you. I know you've put a lot of thought into the move--it must feel right by now so go with the flow. Have a wonderful growth-filled year.

    1. This time of year is always slow but I am hoping to spend time creating and painting new work this weekend, after finishing all of the art business stuff from this week. It's been a while since I was able to paint just for fun, that's my next "assignment", to just have fun!

  2. Can't wait until you are out here, Robin. I hope to be able to do one of your workshops when you make the move.

    1. Hopefully we will meet before the end of 2013, Sherry. I am sure my blog will keep you posted.