Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cave Painting

Finally, I was able to focus on new work today, and have been patiently waiting to do so. The last 2 abstracts from my Outback series were inspired by cave paintings and my drift toward native american influences are obvious. I need to explore further the primitive art that ties me to the earth.

I will have to wait for morning to add several more layers of wax and rephotograph with daylight, but I wanted to share this work in progress.

"Rain Dance", work in progress
12 x 12 encaustic and oil pastel on panel

The most exciting gift I received last month was a full set of Sennelier oil pastels. I had started using them with wax in November, transferring simple drawings into the encaustic medium.

LOVE these pastels.

It's encouraging that just last week I heard one of my new cave paintings "Cave Dwellers" was accepted into the Copley Society winter show, juried by Kaveh Mojtabai, the founder and publisher at Boston Publishing House LLC, Artscope Magazine. This is the first time I submitted new abstract work into a juried show.

Opposite of the abstracts, I continue to paint and sell small representational mixed media works. It almost feels like I am working in 2 completely opposite directions but no complaints here, just call me Sybil!


  1. I would have thought this was an image of a long cave painting. You've achieved some wonderful aging effects here, Robin. Congratulations on being juried into the show!

    1. It's all about the medium and layering the wax, Sherry.