Sunday, January 20, 2013

Encaustic Workshop

The past two Saturdays sure kept me busy. I was teaching an Introduction to Encaustic workshop at a local art studio. It was important to me to start by sharing safe studio practices and review essential tools used with the encaustic medium. The first Saturday I demonstrated image transfers and collage, and we discussed artistic copyright. The second Saturday I demonstrated more transfers, free hand drawings using tracing paper, and shared inlay and scraping techniques.

It is always interesting to see the different styles of expression each student gravitates toward. I have their permission to share finished work. My 2nd demo piece (directly below) is still a work in progress and in the morning I hope to add final touches. It has changed quite a bit since class ended. I was able to share inlay, scraping, and oil pastel transfer techniques all on this one piece. 

Image transfers are my small work staple in sales on Etsy. I incorporate pigmented wax and oil pastel to make the image "pop" and this was the most popular technique with my students. We all had lots of fun and I may be offering additional classes next month, details to be determined.

Student work below -

Ginger Zeller 

Jon Corbino

Betty Dumas (2)

Pat Marshall

Pam Jones


  1. The teacher's passion to teach and the students' passion to learn show in these works, beautiful co-creativity!

  2. Ginger's piece, Betty's with the fence, and your field of purple flowers are my favorites. These are just wonderful works all the way the around.

  3. These are all beautiful! I would love to learn more about encaustics. Keep posting upcoming events on your blog, if you can. Especially anything around Ohio! I love this artwork!

  4. I was lucky to have such a fun group of students, padmaja. Hopefully I will see some of the again before I move.

    You are definitely drawn toward representational landscape, Sherry! but we knew that :)

    Katherine, I am moving to the midwest this summer, but the Chicago area only. Thanks for the support.

  5. You definitely get an A for discussing artistic copyright and your students deserve As. I'm waiting to see your finished piece.

  6. Hallie, my next blog post is going to include photos of the process of how I destroyed that piece and ended up with something completely different! I am still in recovery mode from having spent the past 72 hours obsessing over what to do, doing it, changing it, changing it again, and why change was necessary.