Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Round is better than square

My small encaustic works have always been signed with a personalized chop, a translation of my name in chinese characters. Last month I ordered a round stamp to replace the square shape I had been using. I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner but the circular shape eliminates the worry about lining up the hard edges with the art.

These new works are all 2.5 x 3.5, mounted with foam core on 6 x 6 watercolor paper then placed in a 10 x 10 shadowbox frame. I continue to have success selling in my Etsy shop as well as in local galleries. My favorite subject is the New England landscape, particularly from my visits to Vermont and Maine. I love being able to add depth and texture to the wax by using paint brushes and sculpting tools.

"Rangeley Lake"

"Beyond the Meadow"

"Golden Mist"

Stamped, Mounted, and Framed

This last piece below still needs to be stamped and framed, what a difference it makes.

"Morning Passage"

I also wanted to share the final version of "Rain Dance" seen below. It is important to me to keep the cradled panel edges clean of wax, something I just started doing several months ago. What started as a series of paintings inspired by Topography then moved into the direction of the Australian Outback is now taking me into a study of Native American and Primitive art.

"Rain Dance", 12 x 12 encaustic painting

It feels good to be back in the studio plus I am looking forward to teaching a beginner encaustic workshop over the next two weekends.


  1. These are all so beautiful! Beyond the Meadow is the one that grabs my heart with that gorgeous palette!

  2. Okay, Sybil. I love the primitive--always have but have trouble doing it and calling it finished. Hooray for you; the Copley Society approves.

  3. I figured you would enjoy seeing the landscapes, Sherry.
    And I figured you might appreciate the primitive art, Halle.
    So, I will refer to myself as Sybil with multiple art personalities, and have decided there is not anything wrong with that. I am about to start a 3rd abstract piece, same 12 x 12 size, to relate with the other 2. It's all I really want to be doing right now.