Thursday, June 11, 2009

Encaustic art cards

I started 2 of the cards at the workshop and decided to continue working on these as soon as I got home! In addition to collage and image transfers, Tracy also showed us how to use oil paint mediums and carving tools to create texture in the wax and then enhance the design created by the carving tools with the oil based mediums. I used my Sennelier oil pastels here but Tracy used oil sticks by R & F, same company that makes the encaustic paints.


  1. Your cards are very interesting.And it sounds like you are having such fun.

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  3. These are really nice--makes me want to get out my chisels and carve into paint. I wish there was an encaustic class in my vicinity. Maybe I'll re-read the book and start playing with my encaustics, my travel iron, and my warming tray.

    I removed my previous comment because I forgot to proofread. I should learn to use "preview."