Thursday, September 10, 2009

making time for watercolor

painting and photo started during studio residency

The beginning of August was my week long studio residency and when it ended I had several incomplete watercolor paintings. Since then, my focus has definitely been on the encaustics and incorporating pigmented wax into image transfers. I have been an image transfer maniac! So many other things had to get done.. moving to a new studio space was a priority, and getting set with my upcoming Columbus Day weekend show was another priority. I have a class starting tomorrow so today I made time to paint with watercolor in the studio. It's the first painting I have done since the studio move (and I think I finished the painting) although I will need to go back with fresh eyes to be sure.

This painting was inspired from the series of photographs I took earlier this summer. I used many of the photos for my encaustic image transfers but I also wanted to paint from the same photos in watercolor. I may do sumi-e interpretations... my thought being I will have a common theme interpreted in 3 different mediums. In a month when the leaves are turning colors I will go back and take another group of photos to use for another season of colorful artwork all inspired by the same place, at least that's what I am thinking about today.

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  1. I love how you did the dappled light in this piece. Your painting looks much more alive than the real thing (judging from the photo). I guess that's what making art is all about!