Tuesday, September 29, 2009

class demo in progress, changing plans

after adding fall color to the 2nd layer of washes

class demo, initial wash

I always include a painting demonstration during each of the classes I teach. I think the best way to learn is by watching, then 'doing'. And I always like to start a new class session with a basic landscape painting, covering tips about composition, shapes, and color.

I brought in several photographs I took over the summer thinking I would use one for my demo painting. Once I started using all the different summer greens in the foliage I thought to myself that I had spent the last 2 months working on paintings that were summer scenes; I needed to change my color palette so I could embrace the fall shades that are invading New England this time of year. I found an older landscape photo with autumn colors and even though it wasn't taken in the same exact location it was from the same town in Vermont.

Now I will have to make the fall colors work into what I had already started.

One of the things I like best about being an artist is the artistic freedom to change and do whatever I want in my paintings as long as it works for me visually. I am hoping I can pull this off successfully.

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  1. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and progression on this Robin. I've been asked to teach a class in advanced wire wrapping and thought I would start with a demo too. You've just confirmed that is a wise choice. Thank you!