Wednesday, September 16, 2009

plugging away

Colored photo painted into wax medium, pigmented wax on top

Black and white xerox image transfer burnished into wax medium, also painted with pigmented wax

Still focusing on getting my small works ready for the Columbus Day show - I now have 37 framed pieces with only 13 frames remaining. At this point I feel I have enough to make a strong presentation but I will probably make more cards.

In between the small works, I tried a different encaustic procedure where I mounted a photo into wax medium and then added pigmented wax on top of it; the color remained noticeable. I think it's interesting to compare both works done in 2 different ways using the same image, which do you prefer?


  1. Wow, Robin! You have been busy! You will definitely have a strong representation of your work at the upcoming show.

    As for your question, I really like the feeling of depth you have in both of them, but I find myself leaning more to the stripped down, earthy palette of the one that started out b/w. Great job on both...


  2. Your encaustics are beautiful. I think I prefer the more colorful one. It has a wonderful sense of depth and I LOVE color.

  3. Although I paint with bright colors myself, I'm more drawn to the earthy one. The broken rust colored lines and muted grays in the background give it a lovely ancient, weathered look.

  4. Hi Robin!

    So good to find your blog...found it through Deborah's. Loved your work from the time I found you on Artscuttlebutt.

    These are gorgeous. You have been busy. Anxious to hear how the show goes on Columbus Day.

    To answer your question, I prefer the color photo. I like the greens and the earthiness of it.

    Looking forward to following your blog now.