Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Winter Stillness", another version

8 x 8 encaustic image transfer

I felt the need to paint the winter path in both watercolor and encaustic - these paintings are mirror images because the image is reversed as it is burnished into the wax medium. I also did several more smaller works (2.5 x 3.5) and I now feel that I have a sufficient body of work to convey the winter season at the pond.

The past several weeks I have been preparing for my second half of the technology course; we finish the course this weekend. My presentation will be focused on teaching artists how to prepare for the solo show using several different technologies... how to create a poster promoting the solo show, and how to design a price list brochure to be used at the show opening. By determining the artworks for a show in a brochure, the body of work can be evaluated, refined, and changed in order to make the most cohesive statement. I used my own theme of a year of visiting the bird sanctuary as a guideline and it has helped me immensely to figure out which pieces will make for the best show. I still have the spring season to paint and as time goes by I can refine and adjust accordingly.


  1. Robin, Each one of your encaustic pieces is even stronger than the last. I really think you have found a medium that is YOU. I feel like I could just walk into this painting - except I'd need my coat on... Brrrrr.... -Don

  2. An interesting piece. It has nice color harmony and is nice, unusual composition with lots of depth.

  3. Beautiful! Love the way it pulls you in.