Wednesday, February 10, 2010

same movie, shorter version

After hearing feedback on my original video I decided to shorten and simplify it. I think this new version works better.


  1. So beautiful! This is outstanding! Great work!

  2. This is really nice, Robin. I love the juxtaposition of your photos and your encaustic pieces against this calm and meditative music. I found myself in a better place for four minutes and twelve seconds...

    I never got to see your other version. When I went to click on it I was told it was unavailable. I'm glad I got to see this one...


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Kelly - it wouldn't have happened without technology class.
    Don, I shared the longer version in my class and the feedback I got helped me to know what to change: Same artwork, 5 second instead of 10 second views plus I decided to not use "the ken burns effect" so instead of traveling through each artwork they are still shots. A better place, huh.... :)

  4. The video didn't work for me. I'm sorry that I missed it. The still shot is lovely.
    Thanks for joining my followers. I'll join yours and visit your blog again.

  5. Hi Robin - The computer I'm using can't play your video, but I'm looking forward to seeing it when I get back home!

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a Sunshine Award today on my blog, check it out at

  6. Eva, I can't figure out why the movie doesn't run for you, it works fine for me. This is new technology for me and I would love to understand it better.

    Deborah, thank you for the Sunshine! going to read about it now...

  7. Nice work Robin! Soothing scenes and music... I enjoyed seeing the original photos that inspired the paintings.