Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award

I have been out of town and came back to a Sunshine Award on my blog - thank you Deborah!
http://www.younglaosilkpaintings.blogspot.com/ (Deborah's blogspot)

The Sunshine Award is given to blogs that are creative, positive and inspirational, and I'm honored that mine has touched someone in that way. Now it's my turn to pass on the award. Here's how it works:

Choose the blogs that inspire you
Create a post with links to the nominees
Include this logo on your post
Let the nominees know they've been chosen by commenting on their blogs
Link back to the person who gave you the award



  1. Hi Robin! Thank you so much for giving me a Sunshine Award. You have made my day. Now to choose other deserving blogs...you've picked one I would have with Don's! Maybe I'll give him one too. :)

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and always giving me such positive feedback. It is just swell that you stop by, but even a Sunshine Award- how special. You are a special lady to the arts and it is noticed. Since I don't have too many blog friends, I will just enjoy my award, for a day or two anyway. Thanks again for being special.

  3. Robin, You are truly deserving of this award. Your words and your work are both creative and positive - which are primary reasons I follow your blog. Thank you for passing this honor along to me and listing my link. As much as I appreciate this, and as lovely as the flower would look on my blog, I must humbly decline.


  4. Kathleen, your commitment and dedication to sharing your art making processes is truly inspiring.
    Janet, I hope your link gets out there to more viewers, your paintings continue to blow me away!
    Don, be as humble as you need to be, you still deserve the award! and don't worry about the flower, I forgot to include it on my page until you mentioned it!