Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Pathways", a video of my artwork

Technology class ended this afternoon and I am walking away with new found knowledge and understanding of so many applications and programs that I can't even believe it! We spent today presenting a lesson plan that demonstrated usage of the technology of our choice and I have decided to share my video.

I designed a slide show presentation of my current work: encaustic and watercolor paintings inspired by the photos I took from visiting the bird sanctuary. Once I have painted the spring season and completed a year of visits and artwork, I will incorporate those works into this video (probably will shorten each image to a 5 second viewing rather than the 10 second timeframe I am using now) and I can then submit my work to galleries in the video format along with jpg's. I will probably have to edit and revise as I continue to learn more about technology but I love being able to show the photos that inspired the paintings, then include background music to help set the tone of the show.

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