Saturday, June 12, 2010


"Best Foot Forward", open show to all conference attendees

Day 2 of the encaustic conference, and I am exhausted! I have finally been able to see, learn, and understand so many of the things that during the past year challenged me. One of the very first paintings that caught my attention in the "Best Foot Forward" show was done by Rodney Thompson. His landscape paintings have the luminous qualities that I will strive to achieve and understanding. His process (the way he shared and described it) made everything finally make sense to me. I hope to practice so many of the new things I have learned after I have had time to sit with it all. I still have 1 more day of the conference and 2 post conference workshops. This conference has been a wonderful collaboration and gathering of wonderful artists and I am so fortunate to be a part of it all.


  1. Yes these events are always pretty intense, aren't they? But it's great to see the work of experts up close and personal and you learn so much

  2. Sweet! I can't wait to see what comes from your studio! Isn't it so much fun and so inspiring to be able to totally immerse yourself into the culture of something you enjoy to do? Exhausted now - dividends later.


  3. Deborah, It's like being surrounded with 242 full time, intense, artist personalities all day each day! And I have learned sooooo much.

    Don, I can hardly wait to start painting with wax, but now I will also be incorporating oil pastel, crayons, and even charcoal with many more layers of medium to build up depth. No more image transfers (at least not for a while). I can't wait to see what comes from my studio too!