Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Big" plans

This time of year there are so many distractions that I have trouble maintaining a studio schedule. I left town for Thanksgiving and returned just a few days later, but there is so much going on! I feel like sometimes I have to hold my creative outlet on the back burner until the holidays are passed. One thing I have had on my mind is that I had purchased larger wood panels anticipating my desire to work on larger encaustic paintings. I also had been planning on getting a larger heating appliance for melting the wax medium and I finally made the time to do that yesterday. (I hope it works right otherwise I may have a slight kink in my "big" plans). It's even possible I will have time to start painting tomorrow. Joy.


  1. Robin, it sure looks like a good plan to me! Hope you get to paint tomorrow-- you deserve it.
    To answer your question on my blog- No, Jeff never reads it. He'll look at my cartoons and ask about the response, but he refuses to look at what I write. Isn't that interesting? Frees me to write anything!
    Blogging is addictive, but I've made a commitment to not blog this month. So this will most probably be my last message to you until the New Year.
    I've really enjoyed getting to know you and see your work. Happy Holidays! I'll see you in January.

  2. I remember when I cooked in one of these. I am surprised every year at how Christmas is upon us so soon after Thanksgiving; I feel I am already behind. I believe you're organized and will probably have time for painting tomorrow. I'm not organized but I plan to be in my workshop tomorrow--for at least half a day.

  3. I love big plans. Isn't it exciting? Can't you hardly wait until tomorrow? Don't you love that nervous energy that comes with the anticipation? Have fun!!!


  4. It's tomorrow, it's early, and I am already busy... wax medium is melting, but my list of what needs to get done today is growing... nice hearing from all of you!

  5. I've been using an old flea market electric skillet for medium. I'm sure it's working perfectly. Mark your 'sweet' spot with some red nail polish. The built-in thermostat isn't always perfect but with a new one should at least be consistent temperature-wise for you. How's it going with the larger panels?

  6. Hi steph, welcome.
    The largest panel I have done to date is 18 x 24, and now that I am comfortable with the torch I am looking forward to working bigger all the time, there just hasn't been enough time for me to work lately! Soon...