Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Party = Success!

And the bonus was the gingerbread cookies were delicious.


  1. What a fun, Christmasy video. My favorite cookies were the "Couple in the Steady Relationship" and "The Strippers". Congrats on a job well done, ladies!


  2. You're really getting into this video thing Robin! The goodies all do look scrumptious.

  3. Don, I made sure my daughter and her friends had top choice when it came time to eat the cookies (I think the steady relationship set were the first to be consumed)

    Deborah, I don't have time/space to focus on new paintings until after next week so instead I am playing with technology and learning something new each time I make a video. One thing's for sure, no mess involved.

  4. I'm assuming the pretty girl on the left is your daughter. She looks just like you. It sounds like the girls had a great time decorating and they are very creative.