Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Art of Food, Baking for the Holidays.

It's been a busy few days for me as I have been preparing for a party tonight here in my home. I found out last week that the local art association did not have enough of the membership signed up to attend the holiday party; it's usually held at the Nahant Country Club and I decided to offer my home as an alternative. I felt terrible knowing the annual party (which is also when the officers and board are approved for the coming year) was going to be cancelled. I was president of the organization about ten years ago so I know first hand how frustrating it can be when the involvement from the membership is minimal. I also know it's an expensive event and many people are cutting back this year.

Who loves a good party... I do! I decided to co-ordinate with Barbara, (president of SAA) main dishes... I am making a turkey breast, she is bringing a honey baked ham, and each person coming tonight is to bring a side dish or appetizer. I think I will have between 15 - 20 people which is very manageable. I had to clean up my painting space aka my dining room and new paintings are on hold until after the season. I found a different creative outlet and have been spending my time discovering new recipes and baking this week.

This morning I will be decorating my gingerbread men! I have an army of them and was too tired to finish last night. The twist to all of this is that I recently rejoined Weight Watchers and all of these recipes are 2 point desserts... if you are a member you know what a joy anything 2 points can be. I will add more photos as my "artwork" comes to fruition later today.

Bon Appetit!

These gingerbread men are waiting for their faces, the icing will consist of powdered sugar, lemon juice and zest.

Candied ginger-oatmeal cookies have small bits of crystalized ginger which adds a wonderful zippy flavor.

These oatmeal-raisin bites were a recipe in the handout from the first week of the new weight watchers plan. Absolutely delicious.

The gingerbread I made was cake-like and IMHO not worth the 4 points value each slice has according to the diet plan.


  1. Those oatmeal-raisin bites make me hungry. You're not just baking--you're sculpting, painting with icing, and practicing photography. I'm sure it will be a great party.

  2. Your photographs of this food are works of art in their own right. Yummy! I'll take a couple of those oatmeal cookies, please...

    Have fun with your party. Kudos to you for stepping in and making it happen.


  3. Robin- I'm smiling here with delight thinking of you taking on this party! I bet it will be a wonderful party, so full of friendship. Wish I could be there.
    Your cookies look wonderful. I am also on a food plan as of late- 'tis the season.
    Also loved your Storm encaustic painting on your previous post.
    Have fun tonight!

  4. Hi everyone, just checked mail and found all of your wonderful responses to this morning's blog post. Let me just say today has been hectic (until now) and fortunately I was able to employee the services of my daughter and her 2 friends and they have been decorating gingerbread since they got out of school at noon (early release day). Pictures must and will follow (soon).