Sunday, October 2, 2011

Second Workshop

Yesterday I taught the second and final watercolor workshop of the fall, we shared a wonderful mix of skill levels, and regardless of previous experience, everyone was able to learn several new techniques. I always demonstrate when I teach, and below is my demo from the day (I was able to finish it today).

"Snow Day", 22" x 30"

Last spring when I taught a weekend workshop, I had started a basic watercolor wash but never developed the painting. Using this yesterday allowed me the opportunity to show how painting snow was similar in technique to painting clouds, as well as mountains. 

Below you can see some of the works in progress from yesterday, a few of their paintings are complete.

 We had such wonderful energy and I look forward to the next workshop, but right now it's time to switch gears and prepare for the 3-day Paradise City fine arts and craft show opening this Saturday in Northampton.


  1. I like your snow painting--it makes me feel chilly--and I'm impressed with your students' works. Did they bring photos to work from?

    I hope things go well at the show--good weather and lots of sales.

  2. Yes Hallie, I did suggest they bring in a photo to work from after the first class, but it was not a necessity (and not everyone worked from a photo). I am already preparing myself mentally for a show that may not be about the sales this weekend although it's always an excellent PR opportunity.

  3. Robin, your piece is amazing. I just love winter scenes like this one! Looks like spring is just around the corner with the greens and the sunlight as it is. Your students' work is excellent as well.

  4. Hi Sherry, this painting was inspired from a photograph I took last January, right after our first blizzard of the year. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are a snow lover, this was just the first big snow of several more to come. My challenge was to leave the white of the paper rather than painting in snow, it's a much crisper white.