Friday, October 21, 2011

The Final Pathway

The final piece to be included in my "Pathways and Transition" series was completed today. For me it's the closure I needed.

"Winter Pathway"
18" x 24" encaustic on panel

My other large encaustic paintings can be seen below, shown in the order in which they were painted. The show will also feature photographs, watercolors, and smaller encaustic paintings.

"Summer Pathway"
24" x 18" encaustic on panel

"Spring Pathway"
20" x 16" encaustic on panel

"Autumn Pathway"
24" x 18" encaustic on panel


  1. These are all beautiful Robin. You've really captured the feeling of the seasons.

  2. What a wonderful way to complete the series! Not only should you feel a sense of closure, but you should feel quite proud. Great work.


  3. So absolutely gorgeous, all of them!

  4. Thanks, Nancy. Now I just need to figure out what's next!

    I am looking forward to hanging the work all together next month, Don. Just like seeing all of your eye candy paintings together on 1 wall makes a huge impact, I think all of these seasonal paintings/different mediums need to be seen together in one room too. Thanks.

    Thank you, Sherry!

  5. These are beautiful, Robin. How will anyone pick a favorite? They'll have to buy them all.

  6. Not putting all my eggs in 1 basket for this upcoming show, Hallie! Selling is not the motivation behind showing this series, but the seeing the progression of nature (seasonal changes) as well as my development and use of encaustic medium will hopefully be evident.