Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mother Nature, boss of us all

Later this week I am on the road to Northampton for the Paradise City art show. The only problem is, we had some serious rain and flooding early this morning. Totally unexpected.

I store art supplies in my garage which is on ground level - watercolor papers, paints, boards and frames, an assortment of mediums. More importantly, I also store my display panels, electrical lighting, and show materials.

The storm I heard at 5am turned out to be massive, we had 6 inches of rain.

Mr. Policeman checking things out in front at 7am

Across the street

Back door, Charlie surveying the situation

What is so unbelievable to me is I always watch the news and feel terrible when places I have visited are devastated by storms and floods, but it's never been something I experienced first hand until now.


  1. Charlie looks so concerned. I hope your supplies (especially lighting and display materials) are okay. Mother Nature can really surprise; this looks like quite a flood.

  2. The thing about this rain is it was unexpected although I doubt I would have imagined getting flooded. The panels looked ok yesterday but today I will be able to check everything much closer. My electrical stuff was up high enough that it stayed dry, phew!

  3. What a mess, Robin! I hope that you find everything has been kept safe from water damage. Thank goodness for rubber/plastic bins! Hope your things were stored in them! I can see how high the water line was on your garage. We had a flooded basement once (sump pump gave up the ghost) and it was a mess.

  4. My things are mostly stored on open shelves, the higher shelves stayed dry. Larger frames were in boxes on the floor, not good. I don't even have a sump pump because water has never been an issue, until now. Today I will be able to organize, assess, and hope for the best, thanks for your concern, Sherry.

  5. Yikes, Robin! I'm sorry that you're dealing with this. I hope you find the damages to be quite moderate. I see that where Charlie is standing the water had gotten 6 or 8 inches higher by the crud on the wall. Did any of the water end up in your house, besides the garage?


  6. Fortunately my main floor is a flight of stairs up from the garage, so the only damages were on ground level in the garage. The biggest immediate problem I had to deal with was drying the display panels and unfortunately I can see a light waterline on the bottom of almost every panel. I have to use them, I have to load my car today, but once I hang my art I am hoping they are not noticeable to anyone but me. I think I can use a carpet cleaner if it's really noticeable but that can't happen until tomorrow afternoon at the show.

  7. Sorry about the flooding Robin. Water damage is such a horrible thing and can come on so quickly. I'm glad your living area was safe and hope the panels clean up okay.

  8. Nancy, I just used the panels at the show I worked this past weekend (photos were in my most recent blog post) and the one thing I was concerned about was there would be water stains on the panels but fortunately they dried beautifully.