Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recent sketch

9" x 12" soft pastel and ink 

One theme that consistently reappears in my work is the tree-filled landscape. Simple lines give the impression of dense growth and depth, often depicted when the branches are bare.

I usually sketch during break times when I am working as a substitute teacher; the pastels travel easily although I am limited to working smaller.

Below you can see some of my watercolor paintings with the same linear qualities:

My ongoing challenge is to explore working with a subject I know and reinterpret it in new ways. Less is more.


  1. Gosh these are beautiful, Robin! Truly stunning and the colors in the last piece are my favorite!

  2. I think I would recognize one of your works, which is a good thing. I like your sketch and nex-to-the-last catches my eye. I may have seen these before but they look fresh.

  3. What a nice variety of treatments for such similar subject matter. I especially enjoyed "Full Frosty Moon".


  4. Thanks Sherry, Hallie, Don. I am trying to figure out what my next project is going to be by reviewing what I have already done.